What to Bring to Hawaii? Stoner Edition 5 items

What to Bring to Hawaii? Stoner Edition 5 items

 What to Bring to Hawaii for a Week? Stoner Edition 

Are you planning a trip to visit beaches in Hawaii and trying to figure out what should you pack. We are going to give you our pick of top 420 items you should bring with you on your next trip to Hawaii. 

weed swim shortsweed bikini










A marijuana themed bathing suit is a must for any stoner by the water. This tells people you are there to have fun and turn up. It's also a walking billboard that will help you find who on the beach has the best weed.

You are sure to have someone come up to you asking if you want to by sum bud. Sometimes while on vacation it can be difficult to find weed. That’s when this comes in handy just chill by the water and see who comes up to you. 

Weed Sunglasses

A pair of cool weed glasses screams I am here to have fun and helps create the vibe. These glasses are perfect for relaxing by the water or going to a rave or party at night. 

weed backpack

A cool backpack is a must if you're going to any beach. You want a bag that large enough to carry all your essential beach supplies but also small enough to not be a hassle. This bag is the perfect size to discreetly hold all your vital essentials.

checkers board game 

A cool weed game is also a must when chilling with friends by the water. This checkers board game is perfect for at the beach or by the pool. Just unroll setup & play.

cool beach towel

A dope 420 towel is also a must have product when chilling at any beach or pool. You don’t want to get to the beach and realize you have to sit on the hot sand. A large beach towel will help you stay comfortable while sitting or laying on the beach. 

Stoners Visiting Beaches in Hawaii 

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