What to Bring to The Beach? Stoner Edition

What to Bring to The Beach? Stoner Edition

What to Bring to The Beach? Stoner Edition  

Thing Every stoner Needs at The Beach-Beach 

Trying to figure out what to bring to the beach? Here is our list of 10 things every stoner should have, by the beach or at the pool.  

 what to bring to the beach

1. Every stoner should have a comfortable chair to sit and enjoy the water. Some beaches may have a few chairs but usually there all taken unless you get there early. Who wants to fight over a chair. So, the best thing is to bring your own. This one is perfect for a day at the beach or chilling by the lake.

wind resistant  lighter

2. Another thing you don’t think about when going to the beach is, how strong the wind will be the closer you get to the water. That’s why a wind resistant lighter is a must when trying to spark up at the beach. 

cool canopy

3. A canopy is another must have at the beach. We all go to the beach to soak up some sun and relax. But if you're planning on being at the beach for more than a few hours you don’t want to be directly in the sun the entire time. You should balance out your time in the sun with your time in the shade. This canopy is perfect for one person or a group of friends. Just grab your beach towels or beach chairs and relax under your new canopy. 

smell proof bag

4. Every stoner should have a durable smell proof bag that you can bring with you on any trip. This smell prof bag is perfect for holding all of your stoner supplies. 

Sand Cup Holder

5. Some things you need at the beach you don’t realize until you get there. This product is one of those things. Have you ever been to the beach a put your cup in the sand and when you pick it back up its covered with sand. Then you will enjoy using this product. It’s a beach cup you push it into the sand and it holds your drink above the sand keeping your drinks sand free.  

 portable grinder with a dispenser

6. The wind also may become a factor by the water when trying to break up your bud. That’s when a portable grinder with a dispenser attached is a must have. Break down your bud even on windy days. 

large beach bag

7. If you're planning on spending a lot pf time at the beach, then you're probably going to be bringing a lot of things with you. A beach bag is essential to making sure you bring everything you would need to have a peaceful relaxing time. This bag is great because it has so many pockets to store everything you would wish to bring along. Its light weight and easy to bring with you. 

stash can

8. You also want to have something that your able to pull out discreetly without people knowing what's inside. That’s when you grab your stash can. This stash can look just like Arizona can. So, if you pull it out by the water no one will realize exactly what it is. 

large checkers board foldable board

9. While you’re at the beach you might want something to help pass the time in-between getting in the water and relaxing. This classic board game is perfect if your chilling by the water. It's made of a cotton fabric so it folds up for easy usability. Perfect for sitting with a friend by the water 

Portable Silicone Can Lids Caps

10. If you want to add an extra level of fun to your day in the sun. You should grab a portable silicone can lid. The is perfect for both keeping your drink free from sand & also doubles as a bong. Grab your favorite can drink and turn it into an instant bong. 

 cool beach towel

11.You should also make sure you have a cool beach towel. So, you don’t have to sit directly on the hot sand. Spread out your beach towel catch some sun, relax and vibe. A beach towel should be both stylish and durable. This dope towel is sure to be your go to towel when n relaxing by the water. 

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It doesn’t matter if you chilling by the lakes in New Zealand or looking for a Charlotte pool supply and accessory company. We hope you found our list useful. 


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