Smoking Blunts on Break While Working at Nordstrom

Smoking Blunts on Break While Working at Nordstrom

Smoking Blunts at Work 

smoking joints at work

Smoking weed at work. A lot of people get high at work everyday. One job I can honestly say I was getting way to high at Is Nordstrom. I worked at the Nordstrom warehouse when I was like 19. Stating my age is important because of how reckless my smoking habits where. At this age I was not concerned about anything but getting high, no matter where I was at. I would smoke before I went to work, while at work and when I left.

I would even smoke full blunts in the breakroom. The breakroom was partially outside and partially inside. Whenever I came to work high, I would never spray anything or use any visine. I just did not care, I would talk to managers, supervisors who ever smelling just like tree. Crazy thing is no one ever said anything, until the day a quit. I can say working there was pretty chill. 

I went on break for about 4 hours one day. I went up the street to get something to eat. I ran into a friend. The crazy part is my friend was on his way for an interview, for a job at Nordstrom. We decided to smoke a blunt before we went in. So after we smoked the blunt, we both were like let’s smoke one more. So we go back to the store to grab another roll up, by this time my break had been over about 2 hours ago. We get the blunt and smoke another joint. Once we finish the blunt, I tell him your probably going to get the job because I am about to get fired.

He looks at me and says why. All I could do is laugh and say I been on break for like 4 hours. So he gets out the car and walks towards the entrance. I get myself together preparing myself to get fired. I walk up to my supervisor and she simply says are you ready to work yet. I look at her like WTF, all I could say was yes. She did not give one fu#k. She could tell I was high but it did not seem to bother her. I don’t think I would be as reckless with my smoking today, as I was in my younger years. Shootout to all the teachers, supervisors and managers who know we are high but are chill.

How I ended up leaving Nordstrom, this story is crazy. We had a team meeting one day. No one had ever address me about getting high up into this point. So during the team meeting, one of the supervisors says, someone has been smoking weed in the bathroom. Everyone looks at me, I am standing there like really saw, yall are just going to assume that was me. So I told everyone for one, I have never smoked in the bathroom.

I smoke in my car or outside. I am telling them this as if it’s legal. Everyone is just looking at me like, did he just say that. I didn’t get fired, I just left that meeting and never came back. Looking back it was a chill company to work for, but it just was not for me. The day I quit I was already over it. I was planning to move out of state soon so I really did not care.

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smoking weed at work

Have you ever been caught smoking weed at work?

Smoking Weed at Work

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