Getting High at Work without Getting Caught, Learn How

Getting High at Work without Getting Caught, Learn How

How To Get High At Work Without Getting Fired

 getting high at work

Getting high at work without getting caught. We are going to show you a few ways to get high at work, without anyone knowing. How many of you feel like your day would go much smoother at work if you could just burn one. The difficulty of smoking at your workplace comes down to where you actually work. If you work a retail job, it will be much easier for you to sneak off a spark up. You have a lot more choices, when it comes to where you’re smoking.

You can go out back or up the street for your break and burn one. Just make sure you have both visine and spray on you. If you work in an office setting you have to be a little more cautious. It might be easier for people to smell it on you, in this kind of setting.

If you’re an office worker, you should consider buying a vape pen, with a thc cartridge. You can simply step out and smoke your vape pen without fear. Since there is not actually flame the smell will be minimum. So it will be easy to spray something on yourself to cover it up.

If you are still on the fence about smoking a joint at work. Then you can simply grab an edibles and you will have the same affect, without all the unnecessary problems. You still should put just a little visine in your eyes. One of the biggest giveaways that someone Is high, is their red eyes. I noticed a long time ago if you put visine in your eye no one will actually know you’re high. Unless you start acting weird, lol.

That One Time I Got To High At Work lol

 There have been a few occasions where I did actually get to high at work or school. One time I was working for a picture studio. I had this one coworker who I had just met. We were going on break she tells me to come to her car. She grabs a bottle of henney, so me being me I pull out a blunt. We started to take shots while hitting the blunt. The plan was to take a few shots and go back to work. Four or five shots later, the entire blunt gone. We realize oh shit, we look f-ed up. We staggered back into work.

Once we walk back in there is a pot luck in the break room. Everyone brought different dishes. So I walk into the breakroom. That’s when I just start sweating. I am not sure if it was the bright lights or the liquor. My face at this point is leaking. I take off my shirt, lol. I just have on my pants and a tank top. Mind you I am still at work. My co-worker comes over to me asking if I was good. I tell her yeah I am fine. In reality I knew I was f-ed up and in my head I was going to get fired at any moment.

So I ate and left the breakroom and went back to work. My job was to separate bad pictures from the good ones. I was so done I couldn’t do any of that. Another co-worker sees me struggling, he walks up to me and says, hey let me help you. He could tell I was struggling. He help me do my entire batch.

Shootout to him he was the real mvp that day. He not only helped me but he knew I was high. A few other co-workers saw him helping me and asked him was I off a molly, that’s how high, I looked. Whenever you’re at work in your tank top, I think you just might be too high.

I think that all creative fields should allow their workers to smoke weed on break. If your able to still perform your job, I don't see what the problem. You might even get a few dope projects, from it. 

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Would you allow your staff to smoke weed on lunch break?

smoking weed at work

So I was looking for people high at work on YouTube and came across this video of this young man, who got way to high before his interview. To me the video was more so a representation of looking pass someone current circumstances and just seeing there potential an their current struggle. I was shocked that he gave him a chance but I think that we all deserve someone to pull us up sometimes. The interviewer saw pass his current situation, Props to him.

Would you have hired him be honest?

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