Why Does Weed Make Me Trip? To See Why Enter Here

Why Does Weed Make Me Trip? To See Why Enter Here

Wondering why does Weed Make Me Trip? Then you’re not alone

Every weed smoker has asked themselves at one time or another, why does weed make me trip. Or even how TF did I even get this high? I think the most basic answer is that marijuana is a mild hallucinogens, this is what make gives it that euphoric nature.

Beside my high opinion I wondered what’s the actual science behind, why does weed make you trip out sometimes. Here is what I found out the National Institute on Drugs, reported that a lot of marijuana user experiences can vary from person to person.

tripping on weed

They also said that the pleasant experiences that most have with marijuana, there are a lot of people that experience the exact opposite. This could be represented threw anxiety, fear, distrust or panic. This usually happens when someone consumes more cannabis then their bodies can actually tolerate.

People who have taken large amounts of weed may experience an acute psychosis, which includes hallucination, delusions and loss of the sense of person identity. I have seen and heard of people having bad trips off weed. I think it’s just not for everyone. If you’re a person that smokes and feels any negative emotions, maybe the weed just does not go with your body chemistry, and that’s ok.

why does weed make you trip

Smoking weed makes me trip

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