My Friend Stole My White and Black Graphic Tee, See How I Found Out!

My Friend Stole My White and Black Graphic Tee, See How I Found Out!


 My White and Black Graphic Tee, Who Stole My Shirt 

So, it all started when I saw this cool white and black graphic tee online. I was looking for a chill weed clothing brand that matched my vibe. I found a few cool shops with dope black graphic tees. But there was one white and black shirt that caught my attention the price was right and the shirt was fire. So, I ordered the shirt. The shirt ended upcoming I was excited. My roommate called me telling me that I had a package. When I got home, I opened the package and it’s the shirt. 

 I tried it on to see how it fit. It fitted perfectly. I walked out showing my roommate the first thing he says is why did you buy that shirt. I said what do you mean he says it’s a weird-looking shirt. I look at him and say that’s what makes it fire. He shrugs his shoulders saying ok and walks away. So fast forward a few weeks it's a stoner festival in our town. I decided to wear my new black graphic tee. I pair it with a pair of black and grey jeans and my black and white Jordan 1s. So, we go to the festival. 

white and black graphic tee

 While walking around the festival people kept saying cool shirt man or asking where did I get it from. My roommate says I don’t know why people keep lying to you about that shirt. At this point, the vibes were coming off as jealousy. I wasn’t sure if he was mad about the shirt or the attention people was giving me. We stay for a few more hours and go home.  

A few days later I go to wash my clothes and look for the shirt. I couldn’t find the shirt anywhere. So, I asked my roommate have you seen my white and black graphic tee? He looks at me saying no I haven't seen it since you wore it that day. I go off to wash my clothes and think I will come up soon. My roommate goes to work and I walk past his room. He left the door slightly open, something told me to just go in. 

 I walk into his room and start to look around. I think to myself what the fuck am I doing. I began to walk towards the door and something says look at the bed. I look at the bed and that’s when I see my black graphic tee, hanging out from under his bed. So, at this point, I am confused first I think did I bring it in here? Then I think if he stole it, then why would he say he didn’t like it and who steals a $20 white and black shirt.   

So I ended up texting him about my white and black shirt, he never responded. After a few hours I posted this.

black graphic tee

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