Should Uber Drivers Be Accountable For Passengers Buying Drugs?

Should Uber Drivers Be Accountable For Passengers Buying Drugs?


Uber Driver Drugs in Car

uber driver delivering weed

The question on the table is should Uber drivers be accountable for passengers buying drugs? I am going to give you my opinion and legal implications Uber drivers’ could face from law enforcement. With the growing public need for fast forms of public transportation, such as Uber and Lyft. 

The problem is what about people who use these services to commit crimes, such as buying drugs. If an Uber driver picks up a passenger and takes them to buy drugs. What are the legal consequences for the Uber driver?

This is where it get a little tricky. If the Uber driver is pulled over for whatever reason. Let’s say the passengers had drugs on them. They decide to put the drugs under the driver’s seat. If the police does search the car the Uber driver, would be responsible for any drugs found in his or her car. Unless the passengers admit to ownership, or the police suspect something off.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a working camera recording, anytime you have a passenger. This will not only help to ensure your safety but also help to clear up any situations such as this one.  Uber drivers delivering drugs knowing or unknowingly should be extremely careful. 

How can Uber counteract people using their services to deliver drugs? I guess there are a couple things uber could do. They could ban all user that have abused, Uber services by using there platform to buy or sell drugs.

I still have to ask what about passengers buying weed in legal states. Is it ok to grab a Uber and go buy bud, if it’s legal in your town. Or would I have to be dropped off at an actual dispensary, or could I just go and grab it from my local weedman? 

What about Uber drivers selling drugs there selves. One part of me is saying ok that’s low key lit. If I ever got an Uber and they offered to sell me weed. I think I would be ok with that, lol. How would you feel buying weed from an Uber driver?

Uber Driver Drugs in Car

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