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Smoking an Ounce of Weed in One Session, Lets Go

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What Happens If You Smoke an Once?

Update the old video was taken down so this is a new one, Enjoy

I was high on YouTube and stumbled across this video. It’s about a group of friends that go off and try to smoke a 1 ounce blunt, during one single session. How many friends would it take you to smoke a oz? When I was younger I could smoke an oz in a day with just one friend. The largest blunt I ever smoked or rolled was 7 game blunts put together.

I put 7 blunts together and packed it with weed. I don’t think I have ever been that high. My cousin tapped out when it was still around 3 blunts left. My goal was to finish the entire blunt during that session. After I got to the last blunt, it was like my mind had went completely blank. I remember my cousin asking me a question and I was just sitting there like wtf is going on.

This only lasted for a quick second, but I was high AF. Watching the video made me think of when smoking with friends back in the day, your goal was to simply get as high as possible. As you get older the goal kind of shifts, to I am just trying to get a lil high, lol. Hope you enjoy the below video of a group of friends attempting to smoke 1 ounce in a single session. Grab your blunts or bongs and enjoy. Turn up fellow stoners. YouTube know longer allows anyone to embed weed content with people actually smoking. So here is another stoner video enjoy.


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