Can you smoke weed in Uber in Legal States

Can you smoke weed in Uber in Legal States

Smoking Weed In A Uber

can you smoke weed in uber

Can you Smoke weed In a Uber? So if you wondering can I smoke a joint in my Uber, then you’re in luck. We are going to answering this question. Many people believe just because marijuana is legal within their state that means its ok to smoke weed in cars. This is far from the law. The actual laws within legal zones usually read something similar to this. It’s legal to possess, use or consume, internally possess, purchase, transport or process 2.5 ounces or less of marijuana.

The laws does not allow people to operate, navigate or be in control of a car, aircraft, snowmobile, off road vehicle, or motorboat while under the influence of weed. There are not any states that currently allows you to freely smoke in your car, while it moving. Even though there are a lot of places that if you get pulled over you won’t be arrested either.

Some legal states might give you a fine or a warning. So in both legal and illegal states, I guess it comes down to how chill is the Uber driver. If you get in an Uber and it’s going to be a 45 min ride, you just might need to spark up. So just ask the Uber driver can you burn one. If they say No respect that and wait until you get to your destination. Uber needs an option to order cars with smoking optional.

smoking weed in uber

Smoking Weed in an Uber

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