See Who Found A Brick Of Weed, While Fishing.

What would you do if you found a pound of weed while fishing?

A. Smoke It

B. Call Police

C. Sell It

We all wish we could just walk down the street and find a bag of weed. This has happen to me a couple time The most I have ever found was maybe a $20 bag. The below video is a story about a man who got lucky while fishing. While fishing he thought that a fish was biting his line. When he riled in the line, that's when he realized there was a large bag of weed stuck to his line. I wonder who actually lost the weed? Did they throw it overboard to allude the police?. Or was it just a crazy party and a brick just dropped into the water. Either way I know he feels pretty lucky, to be the one who found it.

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