Searching For The Rarest Marijuana Strains In The World Video

 The Rarest Marijuana Strains In The World

rare marijuana strains

There are thousands of strains of marijuana found all around the world. Today medical marijuana companies, are fighting to find newer stronger strains. Often times this will lead them to, remote parts of the world. Where they find these allusive strains of marijuana. That's then brought & sold for the public consumption. I think that the people that live in these environments where marijuana is grown, should get some kind of royalty off their marijuana strains. Currently the practices is just to purchase the seeds from the native people or local government. So the people or the countries the marijuana comes from does not see any of the profits. Marijuana is being exploited just like every other natural resource.  

Rarest Marijuana Strains


What do you think about the global fight for marijuana?

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