Math Quiz with a 420 Twist? Solve & See! Enter Now

Math Quiz with a 420 Twist? Solve & See! Enter Now

Calling All Math Magicians: Can You Solve the 420 Challenge? (with Video)

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Feeling like a bit of a math whiz? Ready to test your skills and maybe even unlock a secret message? Buckle up, because this isn't your average snoozefest of equations! We've got a fun video quiz with 3 brain-tickling math problems, and at the end, there's a little something special for those who ace the challenge.

Ready, Set, Solve! (Click the play button below to watch the video quiz)


Did you conquer the problems? Awesome! Now, let's see if you can crack the code. Take a closer look at the final equation on the screen. Does it seem a little... familiar?

That's right! If you solved all three problems correctly, you'll see an equation that magically adds up to 420 (Wink, wink!) It's a subtle tribute to our awesome 420 shirts, perfect for those who appreciate a little math magic and a touch of green.

Feeling stumped? Don't worry! The solutions to the problems are in the video. So, even if you didn't get a perfect score, you can still learn something new and appreciate the clever equation at the end.

So, what are you waiting for? Share this challenge with your friends, see who can solve the problems the fastest, and celebrate your mathematical prowess! After all, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, especially when it involves a secret message and a cool 420 reference. To view our unique math t shirt click here

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