Legal Marijuana In New Jersey Competing With Black Markets

Legal Marijuana In New Jersey Competing With Black Markets

 Legal Marijuana & People Who Smoke Weed

Legal marijuaan in new jersey


Legal marijuana in NJ and other states are trying to compete with local dealers. The problem is most local dealer already have loyal clients. People would rather purchase marijuana, from someone that they feel has been consistent with price, quantity and quality.

Legal weed will cost consumers more because state and local agencies goal is to make a profit, while generating tax revenue. In an interview Gov. Phil Murphy and Senate President Stephen Sweeney’s plans, to tax marijuana at 42 dollars an ounce. NJ will sell marijuana at $300 dollars per ounce, that’s a 14% tax rate. It was also outlined if weed prices drop to $200 an ounce, the tax rate would go up to 21%.

The Asbury Press interviewed local drug dealers, about the marijuana black market.

Most drug dealer interviewed all said the same thing. People want legalization until they see the prices. They often then go on to say, even if someone begins there marijuana use buying from legal places. Often the time, they will soon meet someone with better deals. Bringing the money back to the black market.

I think it will be extremely hard for state officials to gain high customer retention rates, with such high prices. I don’t think there is a simple solution to this problem. One idea why not make it easier for black market dealers, to establish legal businesses and grow operations. This way the dealers are still making a profit, while the state gets its percentage. While also keeping the customer base happy.

With state officials trying to charge $42 an ounces, this will turn a lot of people off. At the same time this $42 dollars goes toward state overhead and operational expenses. So in reflection of what the $42 would actually be used for, I do understand the need for it, but this will have a negative impact on the consumers’ pockets. To read full story click here

Marijuana Laws & Recreational Weed Laws

How would you deal with managing and regulating legal weed?

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