Getting High in Amsterdam, Things to do in Amsterdam High

Getting High in Amsterdam, Things to do in Amsterdam High

weed in amsterdam

Going to Amsterdam and getting high, is on a lot of stoners bucket list. Amsterdam have different coffee shops and weed related activities and tours.  To keep you both high and entertained for your entire trip, you can always enter a coffee shop and light one up. I am sure the local people do smoke on the streets and outside. For tourist I think you should just smoke in a café.

Vice filmed a episode where they sent Taji to Amsterdam, to experience local weed culture. His experiences was interesting. Taji was able to travel to different coffee shops and experience both edibles and joints. Taji got a surprise when he ran into Waka Flocka, at a coffee shop. If it was a competition, I would say Waka won. Taji did stay in the game for a while but he had to tap out.

We hope you enjoy the below video of Taji getting high in Amsterdam


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