Become a Professional Weed Roller & Make 50K, Learn How

Would you become a professional weed roller?

rolling weed for a living

Who has not thought about joining the legal weed movement, in one way or another? With the growing amount of marijuana related business emerging every day. The job opportunities within the legal weed space, is continually growing. Landing a job as an actual weed roller, can be one of the chilliest jobs, you could ever have.

Like any job I am sure after a while you will get tired of rolling weed. Then again you are probably going to be high your entire shift, lol. Waka Flocka said publicly he was looking for someone to roll all his blunts for him while at home and on tour. This will also include you having to roll around 45 to 75 blunts a day. Would you take that job?

What are some company that are currently hiring for weed rollers

Joynt Roller in Montana is currently looking for a skilled roller. This opportunity comes with future advancements to bud tender. The pay is between 80k-1000k. To apply for this blunt roller positon, click here

Hemp Earth Dispensary is currently hiring professional weed rollers, pay starting at $13. For more info Click Here

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