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Minorities In California, Are Getting 50% Of All Weed Licenses

Should Black People Be Giving Preferential Treatment, To Enter the Marijuana Industry? How do you feel about marijuana reparations? I believe the concept as a whole is a good idea the argument is that black people and minorities, where disproportionally arrested for marijuana related crimes. A study showed that even though whites and blacks use marijuana at the same rate. Black people are more likely to experience negative consequences, when it comes to the laws. The state of California has deicide to give minorities 50% of all marijuana retail and grow license. These licenses will go to residents, who neighborhoods has been targeted by police. While also giving people with marijuana related conviction, the opportunity to start their own weed...

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See Who Found A Brick Of Weed, While Fishing.

What would you do if you found a pound of weed while fishing? A. Smoke It B. Call Police C. Sell It We all wish we could just walk down the street and find a bag of weed. This has happen to me a couple time The most I have ever found was maybe a $20 bag. The below video is a story about a man who got lucky while fishing. While fishing he thought that a fish was biting his line. When he riled in the line, that's when he realized there was a large bag of weed stuck to his line. I wonder who actually lost the weed? Did they throw it overboard to allude the police?. Or...

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Black Lives Matter Supporter Gets High With Alt Right Supporter-See What Happens

Marijuana has the ability to help start conversations- United We Smoke In todays society there is a lot of racial tension. This tension comes from past and current struggles. Its only after having truthful conversations, can we break down the walls and barriers. Marijuana gives us the ability to calmly talk about different view points and ideologies. Know matter what language you speak, marijuana smokes the same in every language.  Would you feel comfortable opening up to a stranger, telling them your stance on different subjects. Most people are to guarded and afraid of being judge. Once you can come to a place, where you can have a open conversation, with someone with different beliefs. Only then can we grow....

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Stoner Gift Ideas & Marijuana Themed Gifts

Dope Stoner Gift Ideas & Cool Marijuana Themed Games Are you searching for a cool stoner gift ideas, for that special stoner in your life? Then you will enjoy our selection of cool marijuana themed gift ideas. Our Marijuana themed gifts are the perfect stoner gift for him. Looking for a stoner chick gift ideas. We also have dope stoner gifts for her. We hope you enjoy our selection of stoner gift ideas. NGUWeedShirts-Marijuana Clothing Brand Related Post: Dope Weed Leaf Pillows Partnered Site: Wattson Classic Vaporizer  

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Dope IPhone 6 Weed Cases-Where To Buy Cheap IPhone Cases

Cool Weed Phone Case- IPhone 6 Weed Cases $20 Are you searching for a cool IPhone 6 weed case or a IPhone x weed case? Then we have you covered our pick of dope iPhone cases. Are sure to bring that stoner swag to any IPhone. So if you’re searching where to buy cheap phone case. Our selection is not only cool but affordable. These iPhone cases are also the perfect marijuana themed gift for anyone who loves marijuana. We hope you enjoy this page. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.  6.   NGUWeedShirts Partnered Site: Dope Bongs & Pipes Stoner Gift Ideas

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