Why is everything funny when you’re high? #Laughing High

Why is everything funny when you’re high? #Laughing High

Why do you laugh so much when your high?

why does weed make you laugh

Why is everything funny when your high: Ever thought about why does weed make you laugh? Of course you have, but seriously who doesn’t enjoy  a chill session with music, friends and just laughing about everything. What is it about marijuana that makes everything funny, or even just a little less serious? I think it’s because marijuana helps you to just say F it and live in the moment.

Its vary rare to be smoking and blunt and say I am stressed out, unless the weed is no good. After a little research this is what I found out about weed and laughter. Neuroscientist have said that its nearly impossible to pin point the origins of laughter in the brain, this is because it involves multiple areas of the brain, including your governing motor reflex, language, memory, auditory interpretation and logic.

While also factoring in for different variables including cultural, linguistic and social context. MRI scans have shown that humor is process largely within the frontal and temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex.

high off weed

Scientific studies also shows that cannabis increase blood flow to the right frontal and he left temporal lobes, these areas of the brain are associated with laughter. Currently there is no definitive answer, more studies are needed. What’s the funniest high story you can share? Comment Below

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