Why does your eyes get red when you smoke weed

Red Eye Mystery: Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red? Unravel Now!

Eye Spy: Decoding Why Weed Makes Your Eyes Red!

why does weed make your eyes red

We all know the signs, of someone being high. The main visual expression of someone being high, is having red eyes. Some people embrace their red eyes, wearing it like a badge of honor. While others try everything to hide it or cover it up. Usually people will do one of three things to clear away that red eyes including throwing on shades. That’s what I did for year’s lol. Now it’s like whatever

why does weed make your eyes red

So what’s the actual science behind my blood shot eyes. The fact is not everyone who smokes pot experience red eyes. This is largely due to general genetic differences among individuals. The noticeable change in eye color some users experience, is caused by a chemical change to the blood vessels in the eye.

The sclera, or white part of your eye, has many blood vessels. These blood vessels are normally not noticeable. But when someone smokes or consumes any form of thc, these blood vessels becomes larger. This symptom has become known has vasodilation.

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Studies have also proven that sometimes smokers that experience red eyes, could suffer from allergies. Some people bodies are just allergic to one or more compounds found within cannabis. These allergic reactions can manifest itself as itchiness, hives, dry skin, runny nose, nasal congestion or red eyes.

Stoner Red Eye Tips

  • -Before you smoke put visine in your eyes. This will affect the quality of your high but your eyes will stay white.
  • -You could also splash your face a couple times with very cold water. This will shock your system helping to sober you up. This will also help to reduce the redness in your eyes.
  • -My least favorite thing to do to cover up red eyes is taking an allergy pill. It does work to take away your red eyes but it also drains your high. On top of making you sleepy. Everyone has taken an allergy pill and woken up a couple hours later like what happened. Not all allergy pill make you tired but we all know the ones that do.
  • -Another thing you could do to bring down your high and take away that red eye. Is to simply drink a cup of milk. This will bring down your high while also bringing your eye color back.

The below video explains in further detail the science behind red eyes, watch and enjoy

Side Note: I really don’t think my eyes get that red anymore, when I was younger they would be blood shot red all the time lol. Now if my eyes do get red, I must have smoked a lot of weed. I think as your tolerance increase this helps to, I guess counteract the red eye.

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red eyes

How do you cover up your red eyes or do you where them like a badge of honor? Comment Below

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