Why Does Weed Make You Lazy

Why Does Weed Make You Lazy? The Lazy Stoner

The Lazy Stoner, Why Does Weed Make You Lazy?

lazy stoner

Does Weed Make You Lazy: We have all heard people ask does weed makes you lazy. Truth is laziness is actually subjective. I say this because what one might perceived as a lazy person, could be someone that’s actually working in the background & reflecting.

Just because you’re not aware of what someone is doing does not mean, moves are not being made. With that being said, you do have your lazy stoners. I don’t believe that marijuana is the full cause of their laziness.

Many factor can help contribute to someone’s lack of motivation and drive. If someone lack ambition and drive before they smoked, chances are they will still lack ambition after smoking.

You do have people who do become, creative while high but how often do they follow through, with those great plans and ideas. I think it’s important to not use marijuana as a means to shut out boredom

why does smoking weed make you lazy

For me people who smoke weed and are perceived to be lazy, I just see it as someone who just lacks direction or motivation. Once you find a hobby or passion, it’s kind of hard to be lazy. All of your focus, time and energy will go into that.

Also there are plenty of successful marijuana users within every industry. If your feeling unmotivated that’s cool, we all get unmotivated or lazy from time to time. The important things is don’t get stuck, find something you enjoy doing, then turn that into your career.

Ways to Not Become The Lazy Stoner

-Set goals that are achievable

-Surround yourself with people who motivates you

-Read books and learn as much as possible

-Allow yourself to be creative

-Use your high to your advantage

-Make a to do list every day

Good luck fellow stoners, remember you were sent here to change the world, so let’s go.

Now that you know my thoughts, what’s the true science behind, why does weed make you lazy? The below video does a great job at explaining enjoy

How do you use marijuana to your advantage while working or creating?

P.S. Friends don’t let friends smoke without goals #Facts

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