Weed The People, How Marijuana Is Helping Children Dealing With Cancer

Weed The People, How Marijuana Is Helping Children Dealing With Cancer

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Even though federal laws makes marijuana illegal in America, parents are finding that weed is the perfect medicine for their suffering children.

Weed the people documentary follows 5 kids, who are battling different illness using marijuana as a base. Children are using cannabis oils and supplements alongside other treatment methods. Some parents have decided to break state and federal laws, in order to help save their children. If you’re a parent of a sick child, I am sure you would do anything to save your kid. I don’t think parents should be punished in any way for trying to save their children lives.

Weed the People is hosted by talk show host Ricki Lake. Ricki says she was introduced to marijuana medial use by her husband battling chronic pain and ADHD. Ricki husband use CBD oil as a method for treating his illnesses.

Families and loves one who were apart of the journey reported seeing tumors shrink or even disappear when using CBD. Doctors are warning patients that they should combine CBD with other treatment methods to help maximize results.  Hopefully in the near future marijuana properties and capabilities will be better understood. This will help give marijuana a more secure place within modern medicine.


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