Smoking Weed in First Floor Apartment, Hide The Weed Smell

Smoking Weed in First Floor Apartment, Hide The Weed Smell

Smoking Weed in First Floor Apartment, Learn How To Hide The Weed Smell

smoking weed first floor apartment

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to effectively hide the smell of weed smoke. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, concealing the scent of cannabis is essential for maintaining privacy and discretion. In this article, we'll explore various methods and products designed to keep your smoking sessions discreet and odor-free.

smell proof jars

Smell-Proof Cans and Jars: Investing in smell-proof storage containers such as cans and jars is a game-changer for concealing the pungent aroma of weed. These airtight containers are specifically designed to trap odors, keeping your stash fresh and discreet. 

smell proof bags

Smell-Proof Backpacks and Bags: For those on the go, smell-proof backpacks and bags offer a convenient solution for transporting your cannabis discreetly. These innovative products feature specialized compartments and odor-blocking technology to ensure that no scent escapes.

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Odor Eliminator Spray: Odor eliminator spray is a powerful tool in neutralizing unwanted odors, including those from cannabis smoke. These sprays work by binding to odor molecules and neutralizing them, leaving behind a fresh and clean scent. 

smokeless ashtrays

Smokeless Ashtrays: Smokeless ashtrays are innovative devices designed to minimize the smell of smoke while extinguishing cigarettes or joints. These ashtrays typically feature built-in fans or filters that capture and neutralize smoke particles, preventing them from spreading into the air. 

We all remember our first apartments. It’s a time of partying chilling and thinking where grown. Until reality hits us showing us what being grown really means, lol. I was in my first apartment for about a month. I had moved to a different state and was by myself for the first couple months. I lived on the first floor and there was a big gap between my front door and the ground. So if I smoked the hallway would smell like weed. So what I would do is I would put a wet towels under the door and open all my windows.

I would then smoke in my bathroom. I would also make sure I sprayed something to cover up weed smoke. I really was not too concerned about my neighbors smelling the weed as much as my landlord dropping by. For some reason every apartment I had my landlord would just stop by. I don’t think they were stopping by to see if I was up to know good, It was more so like, hey I was in the area is everything ok. Or they would just sit and talk to me for a while. I had at least 4 landlord who would do this. One would even come to my parties and cookouts, I had at his building.

This was not really a problem for me, I just did not want them to show up, while I was high or getting high. So back to my first apartment, I hear a knock on my door. At this point I had just smoked a couple blunts to the face. I was stoned, I really didn’t even want to answer the door. So I walk over to the door. It’s my landlord in my head I am like F. I open the door, you know when you’re high and just sitting and then you stand up the high kind of just hits you.

So I am talking to my landlord he is telling something about replacing windows. At this point my high is starting to intensify. I can’t even really hear anything he is saying, at this point. It’s like the character from Charlie Brown. In my mind I am sure he knows I am high as hell. I try to follow the conversation, but honestly he talked for about 30 min. I could not tell you what was actually said. I was standing there looking pass him, just zoned out.

Once he left I was so happy he was finally gone. I had to smoke another joint, just to celebrate him leaving, lol. If you are smoking weed and don’t want your neighbors to smell it. There are a few things you could do. One light a candle or spray something before and after you smoke. One more thing you could do is always smoke near a window. Some apartment complexes have a zero tolerance policy and will use your marijuana use as a legit reason to kick you out.

You don’t want to give them any reason to terminate your lease. So if you have to display a little more caution with your smoking habits, that’s what you should do. If you still don’t feel comfortable smoking in your apartment, simply go outside and burn one.

Have you ever been caught by your landlord or neighbor getting high?

Another question just curious, have you ever had a landlord that just comes by to chill?

Are you thinking about redecorating your place to make it more 420 friendly, then checkout these cool stoner room décor ideas.

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