Minorities In California, Are Getting 50% Of All Weed Licenses

Minorities In California, Are Getting 50% Of All Weed Licenses

Should Black People Be Giving Preferential Treatment, To Enter the Marijuana Industry?

weed raparation

How do you feel about marijuana reparations? I believe the concept as a whole is a good idea the argument is that black people and minorities, where disproportionally arrested for marijuana related crimes. A study showed that even though whites and blacks use marijuana at the same rate. Black people are more likely to experience negative consequences, when it comes to the laws.

The state of California has deicide to give minorities 50% of all marijuana retail and grow license. These licenses will go to residents, who neighborhoods has been targeted by police. While also giving people with marijuana related conviction, the opportunity to start their own weed shops and grow facilities.

This will help a lot of people gain access to opportunities, they would not have had. I don’t think the name reparations should be used. The reason is people might associate the word reparation, for a payment for pass injustices or abuse. I also don’t think a monetary value can be put on hundreds of years of torture. The concept seems to be cool just the naming seems inappropriate.


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