How Can Weed Be Addictive & Marijuana Withdrawal

How Can Weed Be Addictive & Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana Withdraw & How Can Weed Be Addictive

weed withdrawl

Are you trying to figure out how can weed be addictive? I will give you my personal opinion. I don’t think weed is something that gives you a physical dependency like other drugs or substances. The reason I believe people think weed is addictive, is because it becomes a habit for the user. Breaking habits is something that’s always hard.

People who smokes weed enjoy the effects of weed, the euphoric nature of weed. This can make people think their addicted to marijuana. When in fact you’re just addicted to the perceived feeling smoking marijuana gives you.

There are those cases where people have had full on addiction to marijuana, I don’t think this is the average person. There are a lot of things to factor in when it comes to actual marijuana addiction. I think this is when a person will do anything for weed, including stealing.

This form of addiction is rare but it does happen. The cause can be psychological or even environmental factors can play a part. If you ever do become actually addicted to weed. You should try to slowly stop. I mean everyone loves good weed but not if it means I have to steal or break the law to get it.

When it comes to marijuana withdrawal, some people can just stop smoking and not think twice about it. While others might struggle with even the idea of stopping. This I think goes back to habits. Breaking habits is not always an easy battle. If a person does show signs of withdrawal symptoms, this usually last for about 3 to five days. Symptoms could be irritability loss of appetite or mood swings. These symptoms usually go away fairly quickly.

Marijuana Withdrawal

Do you think someone can actually be addicted to smoking weed or is it more mental?

marijuana withdrawl

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