Cool Weed Facts & Mind Blowing Stoner Facts TTFU Enter

Cool Weed Facts & Mind Blowing Stoner Facts TTFU Enter

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Cool weed facts and dope stoner content, makes for a chill stoner session. Read stoner mind blowing facts and 420 info.

We searched the web for cool stoner facts. Some of our marijuana facts are things you might already know ,while some 420 facts may have you thinking. We hope you enjoy this collection of mind blowing stoner facts.

Mind Blowing Stoner Facts

In 2013, California authorities seized 329 outdoor grow sites

Authorities Confiscated

  • 2 million Plants
  • 119, pounds of trash
  • 17,000 pounds of fertilizer
  • 40 gallons of pesticides
  • 244 propane tanks
  • 6 car batteries
  • 8g illegal dams
  • 81 miles of irrigation pipping


  1. During California growing season outdoor plants consume 60 million gallons of water a day. This is 50% more than is used by all San Francisco residents.
  2. In California, indoor marijuana grows account for about 9% of all electricity used.
  • Nationwide, the electricity used by indoor grow operation is enough to power 1.7 million homes.
  1. For every pound of weed grown indoor 4,600 pounds of CO2 enters the atmosphere
  2. In America you can get a weed cultivation degree at a cannabis college.
  3. In Colorado weed dispensaries out number Star Bucks 3 to 1.
  • Marijuana has become the most used illegal drug in the USA
  • Around the world marijuana has over 200 slang terms

Here are a few Weed Slang Terms

  • Airplane
  • Amnesia
  • Climb
  • Doobie
  • Good giggles
  • Reefer
  • Loud
  • Thrash

 mind blowing weed facts

Nearly half of all Americans have tried weed at one time of another.

We hope you enjoyed this page full of interesting stoner facts.

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