Marijuana Word Origins, See Where It All Started

Marijuana Word Origins, See Where It All Started

Marijuana Word Origins & How to Say Lets Get High In 8 Different Languages

cannabis word origins

Marijuana Word Origin-The name cannabis comes from Scythian or Thracian word, which loaned into Persian as Kanab, then into Greek as Kannabis and then changed into Latin as cannabis.

The Oxford English Dictionary record the usage of cannabis sativa in 1548, to describe marijuana.

Marijuana Word Origin

We all know the word marijuana but where did this term actually come from. The term marijuana can be spelled various ways including marihuana, mariguana etc. Most people agree the term itself originated from Mexican culture. There are various theories about where in Mexico, did it originate.

Other suggestions trace the possible origins of the word to Chinese ma ren hua (麻仁花, lit. 'hemp seed flower'), possibly itself originating as a loan from an earlier semitic root *mrj "hemp".[13] The Semitic root is also found in the Spanish word mejorana and in English marjoram ('oregano'), which could be related to the word marihuana. This is also known in Mexico as "Chinese oregano".

 marijuana word origin

How to Say Let’s Get High in 8 languages, For the Traveling Stoner

  • Chinese-Ràng wǒmen hāi qǐlái
  • Spanish- vamos a llegar alto
  • Dutch-Laat High Worden
  • French-Laissez-vous prendre
  • Afrikaans-kom ons raak hood
  • German-Lass Hoch Werden
  • Korean-nop-I ja.
  • Russian- Davay Naberen vysotu


For all of my traveling stoners smoke relax and be safe. If you’re currently out of the USA traveling to a legal weed country, share your experiences in the comment section.

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