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Cool 420 Party Ideas & Marijuana Party Decorations

  1. Best 420 Party Ideas, For a Dope 420 Eventstoner birthday party ideas


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A 420 party need to have a lot of weed. That’s number one make sure you have plenty of bud for the event. You will also want to grab a few 420 party supplies, this can be everything from marijuana related cups and plates.

To stoner lighting, cool weed posters & just cool weed accessories. We are sure you’re going to find a couple items on this list, to help make your stoner party lit.

Remember when you’re creating your 420 celebration, think outside the box.  This is a weed themed party, so you can have a mixture of different things, like trippy lights & pictures.

One thing I use during stoner parties is a fog machine. The fog machine helps to set the mood, we would just chill and smoke in the fog, listening to music. Colorful lights are also a great, to use with fog lights.

This will help create a atmosphere that all your guest will remember. You should also have a good mixture of food, drinks, edibles and weed. Make a batch of lit weed brownies. Or you could just make a whole weed cake.

You should also have a few dope stoner games to play, after everyone eats and gets high. What’s a stoner party without a little entertainment?

Your weed playlist should also be all stoner related, there should also be a mixture of different genres of music. Not sure what to play just checkout stoner playlists on YouTube or other music streaming platforms.

Are you still thinking yeah but that’s not enough? Then you could go all out and make everyone, where some kind of marijuana related attire. You could tell everyone to dress up in anything weed related.

This could be a full custom or just a weed shirt or hat. This will create a chill environment for everyone. Once you enter the room, you will know that it’s about to go down. Hopefully you’re able to create a memorable stoner event.


Weed Themed Parties & Marijuana Themed Cakes

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