Answering Marijuana Related Questions from Google Enjoy

Answering Marijuana Related Questions from Google Enjoy

Answering Marijuana Related Questions Found on Google

We searched on google for marijuana related question? Some question are basic weed questions and others needed more research. 

Do smoking weed help lose weight?

do smoking weed help weight loss

Many people believe because marijuana gives you the munchies it makes you fat. A recent study found that people who smoke weed daily have a lower BMI, smaller waist lines and lower fasting insulin levels.

Do smoking weed kill sperm cells?

Do smoking weed kill sperm cells?

In 2015 the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study on 1,215 young Danish men age 18-28. The study use men who smoke every day, men who smoke once a week and men who didn’t smoke at all. Men who smoke more than once per week showed a 28% lower sperm concentration count. Participants who smoke weed and did other drugs saw a reduction of sperm concentration by 52%.

Studies also found that weed could also have negative impact on sperm morphology, this means weed could cause more of your sperm cells to be abnormally shaped.

Do smoking weed kill brain cells?

Do smoking weed kill brain cells

A study in New Zealand followed 1,000 people from age 13-38. To see how marijuana affected their minds and bodies. The studies conclude that people who smoke heavy amounts of marijuana had a decline of 8 IQ points by age 38.  Follow up studies have different conclusion, these studies showed that socioeconomic factors where more to blame for lost IQ points.

Do smoking weed stunt your growth?

Do smoking weed stunt your growth

A study took 220 non-smoking young males and 217 marijuana users. During their puberty stages. The study showed that hormones such as testosterone and luteinizing hormone increases among marijuana smokers. While growth hormones decreased in smokers. Researchers followed up with the men at age 20 their finding shows, that nonsmoker were on average 9 pounds heavier and 4.6 inches taller than their marijuana smoking counterparts.

Do smoking weed cause erectile dysfunction?

Do smoking weed cause erectile dysfunction

Weed use has been shown, to lower testosterone levels and this could cause orgasm-related problem and premature ejaculation. A study in 2010 shows that weed may cause ED by blocking the nervous system response that cause an erection. However men that face performance related anxiety have been shown to perform better with weed. The marijuana helps to bring down their anxiety levels. Research currently shows marijuana can both help and hurt when it comes to ED.  Currently there is no definitive answer more research needed.

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